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Mr Roos was a senior appointee in the Dept. Of Inland Revenue, and decided to resign after rumours were spread that he will be transferred to Johannesburg. He was well-acquainted with Prof Samuels of the firm Samuels Viljoen & Dekker. He rented an office from them in Medfontein and made use of their typists. Mr Pienaar of the auditing firm, Meyer Nel, (now Price Waterhouse Coopers) objected to this cooperation agreement.

The Beginning
Mr Roos resigned and began business in 1957 under the name T. Roos (Pty) Ltd. Mr Grobbelaar Sr and Mr Roos worked together at the SA Revenue Service in Bloemfontein from April 1956 to 1957. Mr Grobbelaar Sr was transferred to SARS Clerksdorp on 1 May 1961. This is where he met Mauritz Roodt. T. Roos (Pty) Ltd moved to BP House West Burger St, in 1963, across the Public Library where Mr Roos rented three offices.

April 1956
After Mr Grobbelaar Sr received a letter from Mr Roos, asking him if he would consider joining him. He also had an interview with Prof Samuels and on 1 July 1963 I stepped into the offices of T. Roos (Pty) Ltd in BP House. There was nothing in his office – not even a desk. He had to fetch his desk from his house. It was the beginning. Mr Roos had 171 clients on 1 July 1963 and T. Roos consisted of Mr. Roos, Mr Grobbelaar Sr and Mrs Anna Smith, who handled all the administration.

July 1963
The offices soon became too small for them and the Trustfonteingebou was in the planning stage when provision was made for their offices. The firm expanded to five offices and a safe. It was ± 1965 when they moved to the Trustfonteingebou. Mauritz Roodt joined us in 1967 and Mrs Anna Haarhoff was the first bookkeeper we appointed on 1 July 1968. P. de Villiers and WA Duursema joined the company on 1 March 1974 and Mr Roos retired at the same time.

March 1974
The office space became too small once again and we moved to Bankovs at about the same time, where we rented extra offices in case we had to expand again.

On 1 January 1994, P. de Villiers retired and Kobus Smit replaced him. Kobus Smit left the firm on 1 March 1997, and at that time CF Grobbelaar Jr and JP Paulsen joined the firm. The firm moved to Aliwal Street in 2005 after merging with CMS Financial Services.

March 2005
Today, the firm consists of two parts. T. Roos handles all tax and accounting services and is managed by CF Grobbelaar Jr, JP Paulsen, JH Claassens and A. Bubb. The firm also operates satellite offices in Ficksburg and Dordrecht.


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