June 7, 2016


At the beginning of every year we always have the best intentions when it comes to financial new years resolutions. We have every intention to keep them and get more serious about our finances. However, we often get lost in that we struggle to find practical solutions on how to  do this and take control. We have a couple of ideas for you. Looking at how you can cut on what you’re already spending and by committing to planning ahead, you can boost your savings in any given year. Quick fixes: Where can you save straight away? Similar to that […]
June 10, 2015

10 Financial tips for small business

In the current economic climate effective management of your business’s finances is more important than ever. The following tips will assist you in managing the finances of your business effectively: Keep a record of your transactions Be sure to always keep an accurate record of your transactions. Whether it’s for an annual tax payment or audit or just for the assessment of your balance sheet, it is extremely important to keep a record of your debits and credits for future reference. Keep business and personal accounts separate File your business accounts and personal records separately. This will protect your business […]
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