May 9, 2018


We are often approached by clients to advise on the most tax efficient manner in which a shareholder can sell an investment in a private company. Typically, the parties involve a majority shareholder of a company that is interested in buying out the minority shareholders in the company and which will ensure that that majority shareholder becomes the single remaining shareholder of that company. In essence, two options are available through which a shareholder may dispose of a share in a company to achieve the above goal: it could either sell its shares to the purchasing shareholder, or it could […]
October 12, 2016


Our clients will know that the dividends tax replaced the old Secondary Tax on Companies (“STC”) effectively 1 April 2012 already. Briefly, the STC was a tax on companies and calculated as a factor of dividends declared by that company. The regime was somewhat out of touch with international trends though (which also gave rise to certain anomalies when South Africa negotiated double tax agreements with other countries): the international norm is rather what we have in South Africa today too, being a tax on shareholders (as opposed to the dividend declaring company) and which tax is withheld from payment […]
November 9, 2015

How South African dividends are taxed

Dividends received by a South African taxpayer are generally exempt from income tax.  The major exemption though being dividends received from so-called REITs (these being some of the major property owing companies listed on the JSE (such as for example Redefine Properties Ltd).  Dividends received from REITs are not exempt from income tax, and will be subject to income tax in the hands of the recipient taxpayer. However, for ‘normal’ non-REIT dividends, merely since dividends are income tax exempt does not mean that dividends are not subject to any tax whatsoever.  Dividends are still subject to the dividends tax, which […]
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